Code of Conduct

Keeping everyone happy

We see our customers as part of our extended, Princes Mead Family. We’re committed to making your visit here as pleasant as possible.

Whether you’re here for a shopping spree or you’ve just popped in to have a bite to eat, it’s important that everyone feels at home. Keeping that in mind, we have a few guidelines that we ask everyone observe whilst in the centre.


  • Please keep an eye on any children you’re looking after, we know they like to run around, but please keep them close at all times
  • Behaviour that can be intimidating towards other visitors, our team or our retailers is unacceptable, so if in doubt, don’t do it
  • Please wear your hood down at all times, we like to see your lovely face
  • No littering, please put it in the bins
  • No leafleting, canvassing, third party interviewing or surveys unless we’ve said that’s A-OK
  • On the pitch, your ball skills might be excellent, but not in the shopping centre. Ball games aren’t allowed
  • No shopping trolleys in the centre, even if they’re good modes of transport
  • To make sure our customers don’t trip over any wires, please don’t bring your film crews or photographers in – unless we’ve said that’s OK
  • They might be cool, but please no bikes, roller-blades, micro-scooter, skateboards or Heelys® or segways in the centre
  • No throwing objects, even if it’s balloons, Frisbees or soft toys
  • Please keep your clothes on, you might be beach body ready, but please respect others
  • No crash helmets, remember, we like to see your lovely face!
  • No smoking, no electronic cigarettes (vapes) and alcohol is only to be consumed in licensed premises

Now the more serious bits

  • Any act of vandalism or aggressions towards property belonging to us or our retailers, will be dealt with accordingly, the local police will be informed
  • This isn’t an extensive list, but if your behaviour is deemed unacceptable, violent or offensive by us, we will ban you for a length of time we see fit
  • Thank you to the 99% of you who are just genuinely lovely people, and thank you for treating our centre the way you’d like your home to be treated

Do you have something to report?

Then please do get in touch with us, and help keep our centre safe.