No matter whether it’s a scraped knee or something more serious, our specially trained security team are fully qualified in First Aid; so don’t worry about asking for help.

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Keeping our customers safe

Whilst you’re visiting Princes Mead Shopping Centre, please don’t be surprised if you see our fabulous security team meandering around. If you look like you need help, then they will come and ask if you’re OK.

We want you to feel safe, but if you’re feeling unwell or do need some assistance, then just say so. Your safety is our number one priority. Working alongside this is a 24/7, CCTV system. This system is in use for the purpose of public safety and crime reduction, as we work in partnership with the Farnborough police department.

Have you seen something suspicious?

Then please do get in touch with us, and help keep Princes Mead Shopping Centre safe.