How does Princes Mead Shopping collect your information?

  • if you enter a competition (or promotion) that we run or run in conjunction with a third party/parties – your information may also be provided when you subscribe online or via a physical form or to any of our services.
  • web site usage, we may collect information when you access our site which may include duration and time of your visit, the referring url, your IP (Internet Protocol) or MAC address, the type of device you use and it’s operating system.
  • event registration, we may collect your name, address and contact telephone number if you would like to attend one of our in centre events and this information may be collected via a third party booking system (eventbrite for example)
  • promotional photography, we may take photographs of you when to attend one of our events.  Wherever possible we will seek approval for the use of any promotional photographs.  However, if you do not wish to have your photograph taken or if you have any concerns please contact a member of the management team either through our web site or by e-mail [email protected]
  • social media communication and interaction, we may have access to your content such as posts, comments, profiles and images.  This will be dependent upon your Privacy settings and how you may have applied them.  This may mean that we have access to the content you share, potentially information such as gender, employer, age, location and preference etc.
  • Miscellaneous physical forms, these may be necessary when recording such information as required with lost property for example.

Should we work with a third party/parties for the provision or creation of a marketing campaign/s they may have access to your data.  This is in order to help provide analysis and collect information that can help us to generate relevant events and updates to information that we share publicly, for example information contained on our web site and/or posted on social media channels.

Why does Princes Mead collect your information?

We collect information through our marketing for legitimate reasons which may help us promote our web site, social media channels or in centre events.  We may ask for some very basic information such as post code or interests that may help us to tailor content that you may be interested in.  This type of information gathering is called ‘profiling’.

Information retention

We will collect the least amount of information needed and will only keep it for as long as you are engaged with our marketing.  If you unsubscribe to our marketing we will delete any information that we hold about you and add your e-mail to a ‘no further contact’ list.  Should you have not been active or engaged with our marketing for a 12 month period will delete any information that we hold about you and add your e-mail to a ‘no further contact’ list.  Should we have gathered  your information relating to a competition your information will be deleted once the competition has ended and the winner notified, this is unless you have consented to your information being used for marketing purposes.  (In any contractual purpose your information will be held for as long as is required to execute the contact).

Further information

Princes Mead Shopping is operated by BNP Paribas Real Estate and further information regarding BNP Paribas Real Estate data protection can be found here.  You may also contact the centre directly with any questions you may have via e-mail [email protected] or via telephone on 01252 375520.