Plastic Free July 2022


On a day to day basis Princes Mead aim to make our centre and offices as green as possible.  Older office materials are recycled wherever we can, energy saving light bulbs are fitted along with motion sensor lighting and we recycle paper & cardboard materials regularly throughout the year.  We are proud to have been in receipt of a Green Apple award recognising our environmental improvement, but continue to strive to improve our energy efficiency, recycling and the already low amount of waste sent to landfill.  We have introduced food recycling and are looking for ways to better manage plastic waste in support of ‘Plastic Free July’.

Quick tips to get started on your plastic free journey can be as simple as changing your carrier bag from a plastic one to a reusable one, swapping your single use plastic water bottle to a flask, take your own coffee cup to your favourite takeaway and say no to a plastic straw – opt for a paper one instead!

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