Calendar Club is back in town! Synonymous with the arrival of Christmas, we celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2023, opening over 200 stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Shop 1000+ products in-store or choose from our extended range of 6500, available through our special-order service in-store.

Our range includes calendars and planners, diaries, stationery and much more. We have the perfect, affordable gift for everyone you care for this Christmas. Our predictions for the bestselling 2024 calendars include footballing titans Liverpool FC, music royalty Taylor Swift, the hilarious Very British Problems, and the magical 100 Years of Disney Collector’s Edition.

This year, we offer all your brand favourites, including Disney, Star Wars, Friends, Me to You, as well as a huge variety of football teams, dogs, cats and sea animals. Find us opposite The Body Shop towards the Asda entrance.