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April 2021 – Parkside, Aldershot & District Learning Disabilities

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Parkside is our chosen charity for April and here’s a bit about them!

History of Parkside

Parkside is a registered charity based in Aldershot and Farnborough that provides support services for some 200 children and adults with learning disabilities living in the local area, covering both Hampshire and Surrey.  It was founded in 1963 by a group of parents who realised that the support for families who had children with special needs was limited.  The premises next to the park on Guildford Road were built and the first playgroup was started (affectionately known as the Peter Pan Club).  Since then, Parkside has strived to fulfil the need for more services and has gone from strength to strength.

Parkside’s Aim

Parkside’s aim as a charity is to give both children and adults the opportunity to develop their individual skills and take part in activities within the local community. Needs can vary from requiring support to socialise with friends, to participating in leisure activities, meeting new people, developing life skills, work experience opportunities and providing respite for other family members. We embrace our community links with our Gardening in the community and our FAB Café situated within Farnborough Library both are work experience projects.

By reaching out into the community, Parkside aims to develop and strengthen its links with local people and organisations, creating opportunities for everyone to be involved and included.

What Princes Mead means to us

Princes Mead is a central point for us, we see the mall as a safe place to bring clients who enjoy to shop there. The Princes Mead Team have always been community spirited and we have enjoyed engaging with a variety of initiatives that they have created to help charities over the years. It’s important to us as a local charity to have this support as it also gives us the opportunity to highlight what we do; we have through a presence in the Mall been able to support families who were unaware that there was local respite and social activities for children and adults with a learning disability – just brilliant!


For more information please click here

RAFAC - March 2021 - Royal Air Force Air Cadets

March 2021 – Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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March is all about Royal Air Force Cadets, No 413 (Aldershot) Squadron, Air Training Corps!  A uniformed youth organisation available to boys and girls from the age of 13.  The aims are: to promote and encourage a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force; to provide training which will be useful in the Service and civilian life; to encourage the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship.

Meetings are (usually!) held twice a week with the occasional weekend activity.

Lots more information can be found here or you can find contact information here.  We hope to welcome some activities to support these Cadets later in the year!

Parkinsons - February 2021 - Parkinsons UK (Farnborough & District Branch)

February 2021 – Parkinsons UK (Farnborough & District Branch)

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Our second charity of the year is Parkinsons UK, Farnborough & District branch.   We hope to have some event days throughout the year to showcase the work the charity do, so keep an eye on our what’s on page to see when!

On a national level Parkinsons UK is a dynamic network of expert staff, health and social care professionals, volunteers and researchers, they work together to improve life for everyone living with Parkinson’s in the UK and to bring forward better treatments and a cure.   Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition which means that it causes problems in the brain and gets worse over time.  Around 145,000 people live with Parkinson’s in the UK and it’s the fastest growing neurological condition in the world.

It’s not yet known exactly why people get Parkinson’s, but researchers think it’s a combination of age, genetic and environmental factors that cause the dopamine-producing nerve cells to die.  People with Parkinson’s don’t have enough of the chemical dopamine because some of the nerve cells that make it have died.

Locally our members come from a wide area, including Hart District, Waverley, Rushmoor and Camberley – not just Farnborough!  Your local branch has so much information available to help from questions about the work the charity do, how to get help, how to support and fundraising events just click here to find out how to get in touch!

We’re on a mission to change attitudes, support one another and find a cure.  We’re your charity, and together we’re bringing forward the day when no one fears Parkinson’s.

To find out more about Parkinsons UK  click here.

Yateley Industries Logo jpeg 3 1024x853 - January 2021 - Yateley Industries

January 2021 – Yateley Industries

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Princes Mead is proud to support Yateley Industries as our first Charity in 2021!  We hope to be running some events later in the year, when government guidelines permit, and we hope that you will find what Yateley do inspiring!

Yateley Industries mission is to sustain and increase the opportunities for people with disabilities in rewarding employment, both in our workshop and mainstream, with an occupation that enables a disabled person to contribute to society through work. Yateley Industries is a Charity that has been supporting People with Disabilities, since 1963 with the aim to encourage each individual to fulfil his or her own potential, both at work and at home. This is achieved by providing paid meaningful employment in our supported workshop or charity shop, and assisted accommodation where desirable. Employees work towards identified goals, encompassing areas such as financial management, production output and social integration. Progress towards achieving these goals is monitored and aided by our professional and supportive staff and is recorded. We work hard to ensure our people achieve personal satisfaction from activities, developing knowledge and skills, receive sufficient income to meet their individual living and leisure needs. Yateley Industries employ 85 employees, of which 72 are disabled and 42 are residents on site in specially adapted accommodation. To be able to work in our factory or live in our accommodation, the person must have a disability.

Want to find out more?  Check out the website